In addition to being able to cook a varied selection of recipes especially for you, we present our menu


Wines of long tradition, the best tradition the region offers.
From Valpolicella, Bardolino, Soave and Custoza, geographical area rich of history and tradition, with beatiful landscapes and castles. Lugana is a traditional wine of the Garda territory.
We have also kinds of wine coming from the north side of Baldo Mt., from the nearer Franciacorta to the more distant Salento's wine, no just less to the most guaranteed Champagne.


LUGANA: Cantine Zenato, Cà dei Frati, Provenza
BARDOLINO: Bolla, I Santi, Bernazzoli
VALPOLICELLA: I Santi, Bolla, Quintarelli, Zenato
SOAVE: Pieropan, Bolla, Gini
CUSTOZA: Terre di San Pietro
SPUMANTI: Moett, Bellavista